Those ifs and buts are what made it the most thrilling conclusion to a Premier League race in years, two going at it until the last kick, brilliant! The last time that happened was in 1968, that year United were pipped to it by another team in Blue, Man City!

Chelsea vs Valencia also promises to be a tasty fixture, and overall this group will have good football to watch and will definitely be more interesting than Group A.

Test cricket is a wonderful sport, I can¡¯t deny it. The ultimate examination of a cricketer¡¯s technique, temperament and, equally significantly, endurance. A test match is played over five gruelling days and, whilst this is necessary to ensure a fair result and a decent spectacle, it can dissuade some people from following the sport. Considering that you could, theoretically, watch five seven-hour days of cricket, and end without a result, it is not hard to see why some thrill-seekers are turned away from the game, and why the shorter format- One Day Internationals & Twenty20- is beginning to dominate the sport.

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With Capello, England have a very capable manager who might lead them to glory again. What do you make of his tenure so far? Can you already make out attempts of a reformation? Do you think that he might be able to make a similar impact like Klinsmann in Germany from 2004 onwards?

Manchester United was converted into public traded company back in 1990 under former Chief Executive, Martin Edwards, and was always going to be subjected to be made into someone’s toy.